Even the label of “Supermodel” is only one facet that comprises the woman behind the brand that is Camille McDonald. She is much more than just her famous “Signature Walk” that continues to grace the top runways throughout the international worlds of fashion and beauty, Camille is a woman poised to rip not just “The Runway” but “The Boardroom” as well. In the short span of time since the world first discovered Camille McDonald’s fresh face on the iconic international television series America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 2 and ANTM All-Star Season Cycle 17) Ms. McDonald has become a highly sought after celebrity personality, a selfless philanthropist as well as a powerful media mogul. But where did all of this begin?

Born in the city that would eventually make her famous, Camille is a native New Yorker. Raised in the Caribbean influenced suburbs of the North East Bronx by Jamaican parents, Camille was taught by both her mother and father of the value of entrepreneurship coupled with the power of a sound mind for business. Camille attributes her success both in business and life to her parents, especially her late father Mr. Patrick McDonald – a highly respected international media executive and entrepreneur. Eventually Camille and her family settled in Westchester County’s picturesque community of Mamaroneck N.Y. during her teenage years. Camille would excel both academically as well as socially during this time period in her life, discovering her love and talent for sports as well as her deep desire for education and personal development. It would be during this time period that Camille would compete in her very first beauty pageants. (Stephanie Gibbs Model Search Florida, Miss Teen Florida and Miss Jamaica US).

Upon completion of her academic endeavors, Camille set her sights clearly on the world of fashion modeling and began to build an international reputation as a supermodel that would not be denied. In January of 2004, Cycle 2 of America’s Next Top Model would introduce the world to Camille McDonald and her world famous Signature Walk that become synonymous with her brand. The producers of ANTM and producers of ANTM and executive of The CW Network would soon discover that the Camille McDonald storyline was a Top Neilson Ratings attraction for the show, which would ultimately solidify Ms. McDonald’s US fan base. As ANTM would be syndicated in over 30 countries across the globe, Camille McDonald would rapidly become a household name and international sensation through the worlds of fashion and beauty. Europe called and Camille would sign with the Milan Division of Major Model Management International.

After conquering Europe, Camille returned to the US as an undeniable Supermodel but would also focus her time on the declining health of her friend, mentor and father, Mr. Patrick McDonald. Back stateside, Camille would balance her thriving career with the daily devotion of a dutiful daughter as she would assist in the management of her father’s diet and overall health post his triple bypass heart surgery. Mr. Patrick McDonald would ultimately succumb to a sudden heart attack in 2006. This period in Camille’s life is her inspiration to publish a healthy heart cookbook in honor of her father’s memory in the near future.

Camille would formulate the next chapter of her life based on the prophetic words of advice from her father, “We are all interdependent on one another and we must help when we see fit. Remember that what comes around goes around. Be a humble servant and you will be blessed.” With those words in 2011, Camille McDonald would follow in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and create a global fashion marketing company that specializing in beauty and fashion, Signature Walk, LLC. In a short period of time, Signature Walk has already entered into marketing agreements with Inc. and Fortune 500 companies and other brand names.

As a philanthropist, Camille McDonald works with a myriad of charitable organizations both in her native New York as well as across the globe. Signature Mentoring (SM) is the youth outreach division of her company which focuses on mentoring youth with the dreams of having a successful career in fashion and entertainment. In addition to her own outreach efforts as a business woman, Camille also lends her voice and talents to a wide array of worthy causes including, but not limited to GMHC of NYC, The American Heart Association Carma Foundation, The Water Initiative as well as Linx2FUNDS. Most recently Camille McDonald has been named a Circle of Promise Ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

”Stay Strong, Positive and Focused” - Camille McDonald 

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